Pemberton Riding, Blackomb Skiing

It is now the end of May. Riding should be in full swing! For most it is! We rode in the Bike Park on Friday. I was trying out the new Norco Atomic that I’ll be riding there this year. People have said it, now I believe it… more travel is good in the bike park! Lee is still thinking of skiing so he planned some insane death march starting at 3:00am Saturday morning. We were also planning on riding Pemberton on Sunday.

While in the bike park I hooked up with some American friends who are a might addicted to the downhill and with Dirt Merchant just opening up it would be hard to get them away… So I promised hard fast Pemberton laps on Saturday so they wouldn’t have some lame excuse about not having time to ride Pemby since they had to drive back home.

So I had a plan. I would go with Thomas, Lance Canfield – a new Bike Park addict – and Eric Brown – an admitted bike park addict and we would ride Pemberton Saturday AM and they would be back at the park by 2:00 to ride into the night!

We’ll, Lee’s last minute insane ski plans went awry and now HE wanted to ride with us! NO, I said. We have the right amount of people for the right amount of cars for the right amount of shuttling!

So he offered to drive! OK THEN!

Thomas ready to Can-diggle and Lance being ONE.

Lee Drove us up to the road to Mosquito Lake turnoff and we head in to ride Cascade Creampuff

Every shuttle needs a bit of climbing! Lance.


Lance on the exit move on Creampuff. What you can’t see is the off camber left turn he just made that falls away about 5 feet into the woods, once you come across this rocky bench you just turn right and mach down!

Eric gets to the parking lot 15 minutes before we’re back from riding Cream Puff. He thought we were meeting in Whistler at 8:30, DUDE! Not if you want to maximize the Pemby runs and get to the Bike Park by 2:00!

Round Two! We head up to ride Meat Grinder!

Meat Grinder! – photo by Lance Canfield

Eric STYLIN’ in his rhinestone yellow shirt!


Little Rock Roller on Meat Grinder – photo by Lance Canfield

Climbing Canfield!

Thomas going in the better direction…

Eric with Mount Currie providing a nice contrast to the yellow rhinestones!

Sharon on the poseur rock face! – photo by Lance Canfield

Back down to the car, it is now time for Lee to test out the Can-Diggle! Thomas takes a turn driving the car. This run we ride Grumpy Grouse!

Run three for us starts off a bit more relaxed… – photo by Lance Canfield


Lance – Finally! Steep as it looks!



Great Ride Guys! – photo by Lance Canfield

Turns out three runs is about enough! Even though it is a shuttle, there is some climbing to do and we have to get these guys back for their FIX!

Since Lee only did one run on the bike and he STILL hasn’t gotten the ski bug out of him and quite disappointed in this friends who bailed on him, we decide to see what’s happening on Blackcomb!

Different kind of attire on the Blackcomb Gondola


Spring Avi Cycle off Chainsaw Ridge!

Down the road to Seventh Heaven

Avoiding more then moguls on this run!

When I asked the patroller what the run of the day is… he replied… A-line… yes.

Lee pining for Fissile, until next year!

ooooo chest deep blower pow!

View from the top of Seventh. Always stellar.

I think ski season is over.

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