Rogers Pass – Swiss Trip – Illecillewaet Glacier

Tuesday Feb 28 was our last forecasted sunny day! All the permit areas opened but we opted to go up the Illecillewaet Glacier cause its pretty spectacular. We load the truck at the back of the hotel. They did a very poor job of keeping the parking lots clear this year.

Tight but the bergbaunen fit!

Unloading at the Asulkan parking lot.

We head up the Illecillewaet valley

Looking across at where we were yesterday

The top of the Illecillewaet

The View

Nuggie Shot

Then we go down!



This lap was so good we went back up for another one and to check out another route down to the valley


It was a win!

Another group got pretty close to a terrain feature you want to avoid.

Icicles at the hotel

Map at the parking lot

1900m, 17km 8hrs.

Rogers Pass – Perly Rock at EveryTrail

Video of Perly Rock and Sapphire Col Skiing.


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