Rob McLachlan booked Sorcerer Lodge for Feb 2012. This Lodge has been run by Tannis Dakin for many years. Our group included Lee, Sharon, Stu Wiley, Linda Harrison, Graham Quan, Garath Eeson, Chris Gooliaff, Jackie Trudeau, Doug Brown, Nancy McLachlan, Jen and Glade Schoenfeld, Steve Rainy, Adrian Bolden and NancyK. We had Chucky as our Custodian and Allison Fisher was our cook.

We had food from Mo’s Kitchen, which was all right, but next time it would be best to have the cook prepare the food and No White Bread! Allison did a great job for us and we would recommend her to anyone!

We stayed at the Kicking Horse Lodge Friday night for our early departure to the staging area at Great Canadian Helicopters. FYI, Sorcerer offers a shuttle between Golden and the staging area, if you’re going back to Vancouver and want to drive to the staging try to minimize the number of cars as parking there is limited.

We had three attempts to get into the Lodge on Saturday morning, due to an inversion and low lying clouds we only had one flight in in the by 12:00, the rest of the group got in at 4:00 when the inversion broke down and Great Canadian Helicopters could fly the rest of the group in.

For other pictures of this trip check out:

Rob McLachlans Pics on Flicker.
Doug Brown’s pics on Picasa 
Great Summary Vid from Adrian 

The view from the flight in.

Damn Inversion

Finally here.

Day 2 – First day of skiing.

We were going to head up White Russian and ski around to Perfect Glacier. Since the snow on the North facing Critical Thursday was so good we did a couple of laps in this area. We followed a track set by the previous weeks group. You could still see some of their tracks, but there was still plenty of space.

Morning at the Lodge

Critical Thursday

We then headed back up to White Russian Col. You can see the old tracks but the snow was still good.

We caught up to Jen, Glade, Adrian and Nancy lunching on the col.

Views were not bad!

From here we could see the other part of the group on Wedding Bells on the other side of the Nordic Glacier

Heading down Critical Thursday – Wedding Bells in the distance.

Glade, Jen and Steve followed our alternate Critical Thursday line. You could also get to Black Russian from here.

After a great day there was always the final trek up the moraine.

The hut in sight!

Adrian doing what he does best!

Hanging in the living room at the end of the day.

Good night!

Skiing on Nordic Glacier – Critical Thursday

Lee Chasing Gladerunner

Elevation Profile

Sorcerer – Critical Thursday Day1 at EveryTrail

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