Sorcerer Lodge – Day 7- Nordic Glacier (Broadway) – Khumbu – Escargot Glacier – Nordic Glacier (White Russian Col) – Little Matterhorn Glacier

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Since I never did get a chance to go above 3,000m this trip I thought I would do the second best thing and try to climb about 3,000 m in one day. Unfortunately I fell short by 300m but such is life when you start at the crack of 9.30am. Not much to say about that other then it was nice to try to visit the main areas in the Nordic, Escargot and Perfect Glacier that I hadn’t yet visited. Nice to have the company of the crow almost all the way and nice to get out and make tracks without having to tow people around on a rope. Sharon and I only knew Greg before this trip began. After the trip was over, I felt like we made some really good friends and got to ski and tour with some really good people. It was a group that gelled really well. The only struggle will be to pick a place to go to next year. Hmm … Fairy Meadows, Kokanee Glacier, Icefall Lodge, Selkirk Lodge???

Another stroll up the Nordic Glacier

Khumbu approach looking rather Himalayan in its weather ~photo Dave Fullerton

Dropping into Khumbu ~photo Dave Fullerton

Anticipation of having another 7,000 feet to go


While I went for a long walk (and ski) the group sat and drank beer and took in the view

Woozels on Alder Ridge ~ photo Mark Dumont

Heppalumps ~ photo Mark Dumont

Finishing the long walk ….

with a barrel roll

Lee: “I think I’ll try a front flip; Pete “I wouldn’t”; Lee “Hmmm… well you are the one with depth perception”.

Gotta drink the rest of the scotch before tonight

Last dinner prep

The next day there’s no time to ski but there’s always time for a booter while waiting for the heli

Top row (L to R): Tom, Mark, Chris, Lee, Greg, Dave, Dee, Jake, Pete

Bottom Row: Morgan, Vince, Alastair, Sharon, Dave, Jeremy

Day 7’s stroll

Day 7’s elevation profile

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