Switzerland 2012 – Aletsch Arena -Fiesch Bettmeralp Riederalp

Switzerland 2012

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More Wallis or Valais or ? anyway, you’re surrounded by big mountains regardless of the dialect spoken.

Fiesch Eggishorn Tourism put us up at the Sport Ferien Resort – Fiesch. This would be a great place to stay if you’re trying to save some cash. The rooms are spacious, the reception people were really helpful, it has a coin laundry as well. The drawbacks are the food is cafeteria style, the breakfast was very basic, you could hear the people upstairs if they were noisy but generally it was very quiet.

We opted to eat at some of the local restaurants including the Hotel Fiescherhof.

Check out the Fiesch Tourism page for other accommodation and food options. Online bike maps. But don’t shy away from the Wanderwegs.

2012 Price list for summer package including accommodation and breakfast.

Overview map of Bettmeralp to Bellwald

Our first day ride we were guided by Kurt Schweitzer of the Bike Store Schweitzer Fiesch. He’s been riding here for 20 years and knows the trails quite well.

We first traversed from Fiesch to Morel, checked out some views

some lower single track

Then took the Riederalp gondola up to the mid mountain area

Where we went to the top for lunch at the top of the Bettmerhorn

Sharon, Lee and Kurt

Check out some views! Like the Matterhorn in Zermatt in the distance.

Then we rode to the viewing platform for the glacier, that is well signed.

To see the Aletsch Glacier for the first time.

Then we rode down to Eggishorn

For some coffee and glace

Before climbing back up for another view of the Aletsch Glacier

This is the Roti Chumma trail that traverses the Aletsch Glacier

It’s big, or we’re small…

There is some hike a bike but it’s mostly rideable.

From here you can go back towards Fiesch as we did or continue on to the Riederfurka, which is supposed to be pretty fun as well.

We opted to head down to Fiesch where we also had a view of the Fiescherglacier

The Fiescherglacier in the background

Fiesch downhill, fun!

The glacier in decline

Our third day we went up the Fuhrgangen gondola to ride Bellwald

Interesting house construction

There are two downhill mountain bike trails off Bellwald. A freeride one and a more flowy one. They weren’t bad!

We took a few different wanderwegs right back to Fiesch

Where we had some food! Here is the Fiescherhof hotel where we had dinner, and some other local restaurants for beer and lunch.

Our Schedule from Grindelwald to Fiesch – Travelling with SBB is SOOO easy!

Aletsch Roti Chumme

Length: 30 km
Duration: 6 hours, 1 minute, 50 seconds
Vertical up: 2092.3 m
Vertical down: 2048.5 m
Average Speed: 5.0 km/h

Switzerland – Feish – Aletsch Roti Chumme at EveryTrail

Aletsch Arena

Length: 49 km
Duration: 7 hours, 49 minutes, 32 seconds
Vertical up: 2861.8 m
Vertical down: 2832 m
Average Speed: 6.3 km/h

Switzerland – Feish – Aletsch Arena at EveryTrail


StatisticsLength: 14.1 km
Duration: 2 hours, 35 minutes, 31 seconds
Vertical up: 611.9 m
Vertical down: 1079.1 m
Average Speed: 5.4 km/h

Switzerland – Feish – Bellwald at EveryTrail


Aletsch Village tour Sept 8, 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Riederalp – Bettmerhorn – Märjelensee traverse from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Märjelensee – Fiesch – Fieschertal – Aletscharena Sept 8, 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


The Grand Aletsch Glacier – Rotichumme to Marjelesee from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Fuhrgangen – Bellwald – Egga from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


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