Tom George – Day 3 – Burnie Glacier Chalet

Burnie Glacier Chalet, Smithers BC

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Day 3 of our 7 day guided trip to Burnie Glacier Chalet with Tom Wolfe of Sawback Adventures took us to North and North East aspects on Tom George Mt. We finished on a South West face back to the Chalet.

The snow on these aspects were creamy with good spring conditions but the heat of the day did make us end our day by 2:00 to avoid the deteriorating conditions caused by the strong spring sun. We skinned up through the trees and this slope would have been great skiing in winter conditions.

1350m climbing in 6:10hrs.

Getting ready in the morning.

Skinning out from the hut. Crampons a good idea, unless you tele, which is … as dumb as not having crampons…

Wolverine tracks on the top of Tom George!

Good snow on North aspects!

Daniel getting some.

Daniel and Nick enjoying not being in Toronto or Ottawa at this moment!

Glade enjoying more Glacier views.

Obligatory skin rip photo!

Paul Lambie


Paul Moen from Ottawa

Glade Runner


Chilling after our two runs, before skinning up in the sun.

Heading on up.

Following a Wolverine???!!! Or its following us

Final days run with the Burnie Glacier ever present.

Another afternoon sitting in the sun drinking beer!

And eating Adrienne’s great food!

Day 1 Outer Solitaire || Day 2 Middle Solitaire || Day 3 Tom George || 
Day 4 Loft Glacier || Day 5 Pass Peak || Day 6 Telkwa Glacier

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