Sharon Windsurfing!    Lee and Sharon Riding with Eric and Julie!

Maui Views

March 22nd had us flying from the Big Island to Honolulu then back to Maui. This was when Lee would learn if I would like Wind Surfing or not.
Would we have another activity to share? More Gear to buy? More activity specific clothing to acquire? We were not to learn on the first weekend due to
LOW winds and cloudy days.

What to do on a low wind, low surf day on Maui. Drive to Hana and see the views! Hana is a small town about 50miles down a NARROW, twisty turny
road that's makes a Chevy Cavaliers tires go SCREEEEEECH! We didn't take too many pictures since the driving was so fun, but we finally did stop in Hana and
walked down to the fabled RED BEACH (Kaihalulu Beach) which was very cool. To see some pictures of the drive go here.

redbeachviewin1.jpg (93273 bytes)

redbeachviewshoreline.jpg (66918 bytes)

redbeachwavescrashing.jpg (62355 bytes)

redbeachleesback.jpg (44199 bytes)

redbeachviewout2.jpg (81753 bytes)

Redbeach8.jpg (166521 bytes)

After the long drive home we went back to our studio in Haiku to enjoy our balcony view.

haikusunset1.jpg (44943 bytes)

Since this page is dedicated to VIEWS and not action, we'll skip a couple of days to when I had to recover from my windsurfing lessons.
You'll have to read that story to see how I did.

On Maui is the ancient, extinct Volcano - Haleakala. To see more info on the volcano go here

One of the things that intrigued us most about the Volcanoes of Hawaii, are the trees that grow on them. The Koa tree only grows on
Hawaii between elevations of 4,000-7,000 feet. They were used by early Polynesians to build outrigger canoes, they are now proteced
and fallen branches are used to make beautiful bowls and other wood craft products.

Along the winding drive up Haleakala, the view of the narrow valley between the Rainy West Maui Mountains and Haleakala

mauisaddlesblee.jpg (54106 bytes)mauisaddleview.jpg (33084 bytes)

The South side of the saddle is the touristy Kihei area, the airport and Kahalui are on the North side where
the surf  'scene' is more prevalent.

Then we drove higher! Into the cloud, through the Eucalyptus forests.

haleakalaclouds.jpg (23088 bytes)

Then we broke through the clouds and hit the crater! To see Pete Fagerlin of MTBR fame ride down the Volcano, go here Scroll down to the
Maui, Hawaii video.

haleakalapuu.jpg (43558 bytes)haleakalacrater.jpg (49497 bytes)

Then the long drive back to our studio with our sucky view.

haikusunset2small.jpg (25242 bytes)

Dave and Hiroko, the people we were renting off of, allowed us to use their telescope and we could watch the Humpback whales and
windsurfers in the distance.

haikuviewtelescope.jpg (38319 bytes)

Here's a closer view of the surfers on Jaws on a particularly high surf day.

hookipasurfers.jpg (33185 bytes)

Sharon Windsurfing!    Lee and Sharon Riding with Eric and Julie!