The Wedge side of Foreplay!

This is the actual start of a new trail in Whistler that will complete a loop with Kill Me Thrill Me and ending in the Lost Lake XC Ski area. To see the end portion of this ride that we did as a there and back click here. The trail builder, Chris Markle makes great use of the rocks and terrain when he builds his trails, they contain both challenging climbs and technical descents. Your only limitations are your legs...

Here's Lee demonstrating the output required to make some of the steeper sections...

A nice mossy section of solitude.

The many small granite sections that are always fun and challenging!

Instead of cutting the fallen trees, just build a bridge over them!

More mossy tranquille sections!


punctuated by those damn steep ones!

more bridges over creeks and fallen trees!

A longer bridge over a swampy section,

With a section to make things a bit interesting!

What's a trail without a few little lofters!

Then we're in the open amoungst the yellow poplars!

Until we get to the descent, and back down to the car to complete the loop! We didn't take many pictures of the descent since it was pretty fast and furious!

Riding back along the Valley trail with Green Lake in the background.