Summer family hiking in the Canadian Rockies

- Canmore and Talus Lodge
Day 1 - Canmore - July 19, 2007

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The Lau family headed off to the Canmore area and for summer hiking in the Rockies as one of the snowiest years in recent memories ended. My brother, Chai, my sister, Sue and I had plotted a summer get-away with my parents and my aunt for some time now. We had hoped that planning the trip for mid-July would mean that we had a shot at good weather. However, the goods are in the high alpine and we had just come off one of the snowiest years of record.

Chai and I flew into Calgary as did Sue. Kor Kor was already there and my parents had driven to Canmore earlier as part of a summer driving and hiking vacation. We left the suburbia of Calgary as quickly as possible then met them in Canmore where the weather was pleasant. Our first hike was a short one to Grassi Lakes as an out-and-back.

Chai in Rocky Mountain Lodge in Canmore.

Heading to Grassi Lakes; Ha Ling (Chinaman's) Peak is in the distance

Chai, Kor Kor (seated) and Mum

Sue and Dad hamming it up on the trail to Grassi Lakes

Grassi Lakes viewed from above the town of Canmore

Sue, Mum, Dad and Kor Kor on the trail to Grassi Lakes

Group shot at Grassi Lakes

Hail on our first night in Canmore