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The Life and Times of Lee and Sharon

The Life and Times of Sharon and Lee







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Rides on the North Shore

In July of 1999, a friend of Gary's from Australia wanted to find out what all the hype was about. We showed him...
               Ladies Only            Neds         Squamish

         For those who WISH they could ride like a girl meet the BOMBS

         A ride for all seasons, Cypress in the Snow

         Our brush with the dark side, we tried, the big ass duallies died.

         Riding with Americans - Troy and Sarah from Fruita Colorado


Most of these maps were generated by way of the Trail Repository website which draws TRIM data from BC Base maps. The maps are weak on place names and difficult to use if you're not familiar with the general area. However, at least they have grid references and are metric.

Some of the other maps are from SoftMap. I cannot say enough about how crappy SoftMap is and cannot whinge enough about the clunkiness and slowness of their software. Their maps draw from the embarrassingly dated Canadian Geographic survery official maps. I bought SoftMap before there were alternatives - do yourself a favour and get some other offerings - eg. Fugazi, eTOPO. The maps cannot be easily exported to open graphics platforms so any JPGs are actually screenshots and have no grid references.


Duffy Lake

North Garibaldi Park

Rogers Pass

South Garibaldi Park and McBride


Whistler Spearhead