Deer Lake to Norris Point - Entering Gros Morne - August 1, 2005

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As Sharon had an aikido seminar in Newfoundland we decided to make a trip out of it and check out what Newfoundland had to offer. We looked into the logistics of bike touring on the west coast but to say it was difficult to plan would be an understatement! To make a long story short we signed up for a bike tour with Pedal and Sea Adventures and what a fun trip it turned out to be!

Getting to Newfoundland is itself quite an adventure due to Air Canada's quality of service - or lack thereof. After missed connections, cancelled flights and not much help from "customer service" agents in Halifax we finally got to our B&B in Deer Lake Newfoundland - the HumberView. Unfortunately because we got there so late we never got a good chance to enjoy the luxury and views

After a pickup by our tour guide, we're off biking from Deer Lake towards Gros Morne National Park. Here is our route - we take Deer Lake to Norris Point (marked on this map as Neddy Harbour).

Newfoundland is a rock full of lakes and beautifully kept houses. Here's our first glimpse of one.

We are accompanied by a sag-wagon. Every couple of hours we can stop, have a snack and get fed. Luxury - so spoiled I could get used to this.

At a roadside stop some guy is selling stuffed foxes. Not having any space on the road bike, Sharon declines to pick up souvenirs

More lake views over south Gros Morne.

After a killer climb with a 9% grade over 3kms; we are rewarded with lunch. This is a far cry from Power bars. From top clockwise standing in red is Kevin, then Dana - our guide, then Susan sitting, then Sharon and Larry.

Following our lunch stop, we descend to Bonne Bay. This is a fjord that was submerged under glaciers. It makes for a gorgeous setting for a road ride. This is an appropriate time to mention that the road riding in this part of the world is awesome; good roads; not crowded and when traffic is present they're courteous - waiting to pass safely and when passing; they swing over wide to give you lots of space. Newfies are polite drivers and the rest of Canada could learn a thing or two from them about sharing the road.

The last climb takes you past the trail head that climbs to Gros Morne itself - the second highest peak in Newfoundland at 807m. It's a popular hike and the parking lot is packed with cars. Here's Sharon climbing with Old Crow - a peak just to the south of Gros Morne - in the background (649m). Note that the very peak of Old Crow is already thinning out into sub-alpine. Because of Newfoundland's climate; sub-alpine starts at 600m, unlike in coastal BC where sub-alpine typically starts at 2000+m

Here's Dana crusing the last downhill into Norris Point where we will be staying at the Sugar Hill Inn for the next 3 days as a home base.

Distance covered today is 79.25 kms. Our average speed is 23.9km/h while on the bike; elevation gain is 1245m and we were on our bike for 3hrs and 19 minutes. Our total time outside today (counting breaks etc.) was 6hours and 46 minutes.

|||Deer Lake to Norris Point || Norris Point to Trout River || Rain and rest day || Norris Point to Portland Creek || Portland Creek to Plum Point || Plum Point to L'anse aux Meadows ||