Little Sister/Jasmin - VMT - March 12, 2005

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The new snow fills the group with some reason for optimism. My proposal to do the entire family "Burn Me Sweetly/Jasmin/Big Mama/Little Brother/Little Sister" in one quick day is rejected. So is the proposal to summit either Rugged Peak or Big Sister. So we plod on to Little Sister. Although there's new snow, high north-easterly coldish winds have also scoured the north facing slopes we skied before. Luckily there's still some good skiing to be had on Little Sister.

Hamish on the ridge heading to Little Sister Peak

Here's Jonny...

Bill gets a nice set of turns going in the trees down Little Sister.

as does Heather

The group on Little Sister. From L to R; Paul, Bill, Catherine, Mal, Sharon, Heather, Rene, Colin, Andrew, John, Rupert, Hamish.

Just horsing around on a very stable cornice with some stunning backdrops

We head west down the col separating Big Sister from Rugged Peak. Wind has carved interesting sastrugi making for variable snow and entertaining cartwheels.

Unfortunately, it never does get warm enough for the snow to corn up and without crampons, the summit of Big Sister is out of the question. We settle for some very fast dust on crust skiing down a shoulder of what I think is either Little Brother or Jasmin. Since Jasmin is a pretty cool name, that's what I'll call it. Here goes Paul

Justin on the same slope

Bill who's improved his skiing every day this trip carves hard.

Hamish throws in the towel on tele turns and paramarks with perfection.

Lee playing slalom with some trees

Despite a binding-ski interface failure which ends with Rupert doing a one-legged ski-out we get out safely with no-one falling into the creek. We end the day with a total of 1470 m of climbing.

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