Moab April 30th 2003

We rolled into Moab on Tuesday for a day of rest. At least I did... Brian and Lee decided that the forboding clouds meant they should ride the Navaho Rock of the Slickrock Trail. So we dropped them off and sent them on their way. The reasonable part of the group, Me, Lisa, Markus and Roger, went to the Moab Brewery for some Oatmeal Stout and Lunch! We then met the two riders and did the obligatory hike to Delicate arch. After the stupid Tourons (thanks JD! )left the bottom of the Arch we were able to take our pictures then find our campsite. Wednesday we hooked up with Tim for a guided Tour D'Amasa Back and Sock Rtacker!


Our campsite at Big Mesa off Highway 313

Finding some protection from the relentless afternoon wind!

Putting our time in to make the trail better!

Tim glowing on his Silver Bullit!




Sharon at the top of Amasa Back with the La Sals in the Background

The me and lee shot!

Red Hot Brian Showing his stuff!

then reaping the rewards from his groupies!

Laurie, not to be outdone, checking out the Dark Side!

Taking in the view

The Descent. The trail goes where???

Laurie trying to keep her eye on the trail!

Tricky exposed switchback

We thought we only had to do this at home! Not in the desert!

So much for thinking Moab has no technical descending other than Portal... Damn another place to have to go back too!

Thanks Tim and Mike!

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