A ride in Brittania – Disneyland aka Goat Ridge

Riders – Jarret Beatty, Paul Kim, Brian Earle, Johnny Smoke, Matt Juhatz, Johnny Zammit, Sharon Bader, Trevor Hawkins

Having ridden this trail in 2002 and being rather intimidated by it I vowed never to ride it again. That was until I got a PM from Jarret saying they had an extra seat on the flight to Disneyland… hmmm, who’s the guide? Smoke. hmmmm. Forcast = Sun, Trail = Stellar. Reasons not to go = Fear. Fuck it, I’ll go!


When and where, I’m there!

This time on a nicer bike with great brakes that you NEED! Having done it once before the intimidation factor was much less. The trail is long, it is steep and it is committed, so long as you are fit to ride 5-6 hours at intensity it shouldn’t be a problem.

Jarret and Smoke on the flight in. My first trip was planned by Jarret who coudn’t go since he had to wait for a shipment of manure or something…

The View South into Howe Sound

View of Squamish and up the Squamish Valley. Hwy 99 snakes up this valley!

Bikes Droppin’ In!

Ridin’ in the Alpine on the little six pack!

The Group! Smoke, Brian, Paul, Matt, Johnny, Trevor and Jarret.

Paul cruisin’ down the alpine splendor

Jarret with Tantulus Range in the back

Riding around the alpine lake

Brian rippin’ the Steep and Deep!

Then it gets steeper and deeper!

on and on it keeps going down!

steeper then it looks! The rocks are as jagged as it looks!

The cabin in the middle of the road, happy riders chowing down some lunch and barley!

Jarret on Andre’s Rock

Trevor on Andre’s


We’ve lost about half the elevation now!

Now the climb up Mt Doom! Frodo and Sam thought they had it tough!

Brian on Awesome rock!

Five and Half hours later we were able to enjoy some cool ones by the shuttlewhore mobile!

Great Trip Guys!

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