Hilda Hut Part 4

Hilda Hut Valkyr Range March 3-10th 2024

Part 1 – Overview || Part 2 – Day 1 and 2 || Part 3 – Day 3 and 4

Conditions were good to 1500m so trees it was!

Day 5
700m Burton Direct, Poco Zone (North Burton Ridge)
– More trees as this was the best snow, another run down to Burton FSR. Saw cool old growth Cedar. I did one lap, others did N facing off Burton Ridge.
Day 6
720m Poco Zone, Ramparts
– went back to Burton Ridge N facing and then did another Ramparts run.


Skiing down to Burton FSR

This section would go with enough good snow, warm and heavy for us

Big Cedar Grove !

Burton FSR

Rory in Poco Zone



Back up to Home Run Ridge to ski Poco Zone – North end of Home Ridge

Back to Ramparts

Slope to Lake, Shield in the back


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