VMT Day 1 and 2

Feb 4 – 10th 2024

Part 1 Overview || Part 3 – Day 3 and 4 || Part 4 – 5 and 6

VMT – Valhalla Range of the Selkirks.

Day 1 and 2 kept us close to the lodge skiing treed bowls north of the hut. Vis was variable so trees were the place to be! We had about 20cm of fresh snow on crust which skied quite well.

Day 1 – 1288m climbing, 7:31hrs
Ruby Bowl, Starry Sapphire, Sunny Sapphire, Crown Jewel Trees
Day 2 – 1272m, 7:40hrs
Jasmine peak Rugged, Enter the Cosmos, Grizzly meadowsX2, Grizzly K2 Connector

Day 1

Day 2

8:00 Start

Lower skin up follows summer trails

Burn on the ridge

Skiing in Ruby bowl. Not bad

Back up the Ridge

Ruby Bowl

Up Again!

Day 1 Dinner

Next day we skin up another treed area north of the lodge

Grizzly Bowls

Skin our of Grizzly

Back up to Ruby Bowl

Skinning up yesterdays tracks.

Day 2 Dinner

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