Vahalla Mountain Touring – VMT Overview

Feb 4 – 10th 2024

Part 2 – Day 1 and 2 || Part 3 – Day 3 and 4 || Part 4 – 5 and 6

VMT is in the Valhalla Range of the Selkirks. The closest town is New Denver which is a 20 min drive from Staging in Hills. VMT Lodge is accessed by a snow cat so we always leave and get back on time! The one hour snow cat trip ascends to 1710m. The lodge has private rooms that sleep two people, running water, flush toilets and a sauna and shower. VMT only offers guided trips. WiFi is also available. The Lodge sits at 1710m and has lots of tree skiing and alpine options depending on conditions.

For weather I looked at the Big Sister SpotWX location and Snow-forcast for Valhalla Lodge.

For this trip we booked directly through the lodge but had most of our friends join us so we were all connected somehow.

Our guides on this trip were Lee Johnston and Dave Tracz, Monia from Quebec was the practicum. Stephanie was our fabulous Chef and Vanessa was our Custodian who was assisted for part of the week by her SO Ed.

Our group was Sharon, Lee, Jim Neild from Calgary, Joe and Kate from SanFrancisco, John and Suzanne Navaro from California, Georg from Seattle, Mark from Idaho, Sid from Berkely, Pat from Seattle, Carl Gable – Santa Fe, Mike Campalo from Bend Oregon and Benet.

Day 1 – 1288m climbing, 7:31hrs
Ruby Bowl, Starry Sapphire, Sunny Sapphire, Crown Jewel Trees
Day 2 – 1272m, 7:40hrs
Jasmine peak Rugged, Enter the Cosmos, Grizzly meadowsX2, Grizzly K2 Connector
Day 3 – 1517m, 5:30hrs
Shannon Lake, Pyramid Moraines
Day 4 – 940m, 3hrs
Cariboo Valley – one run for some, two for others.
Day 5 – 1480m, 7:25hrs
Ruby Glades, Sunny SapphireX2, Starry Sapphire, Ruby Peak
Day 6 – 1300m, 7:50hrs
Benny Peak via One Goat Pass

On the way we skied at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Usually when conditions are warm on the coast, Revy stays cold. Not this year. Despite the low snow and warmer temps RMR still delivered!

RMR Cord

Rockford Dinner

During this time we kept an eye out on the webcam at VMT.

VMT Live Webcam LINK

Hills Pickup. ON TIME!

One Hour Later

Dave and Lee Our Guides

Stephanie our cook!

Ed and Vanessa


The Group – Sharon, Pat, John, Suzanne, Lee, Benet, Kate, Joe, Syd, Jim, George, Mark, Carl, Mike

8:00 AM Starts

Last Pitch to the Lodge

Our Room

Storage area near Sauna

Welcome Snack


Common area


Run Map of our Week.

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