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Mojacar Almería and Pampaneira

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A drive along the Mediterranean coast brought us to Mojacar. Mojacar is a Moorish town known for its whitewashed buildings. Southern Spain was inhabited by the Moors since the 8th century resulting in much Moorish history in this region before they were ousted by the Christians.

We stayed the night in Almería, the Capital of the the Province of Almería. We stayed at the Hotel Nuevo Torreluz. The streets here are VERY narrow so it was good we had the Kia and not our Tacoma! During the evening we walked aound but didn’t go inside the Moorish Citadel the Alcazaba. Historically, Almeria was an important center for the Caliphate of Córdoba. Now industry includes 100,000 acres of Greenhouses that dominate the Mediterranean coastline. We had an amazing Morrocan meal at Aljaima in the old town near our hotel.

We continued our drive to the Sierra Nevada mountains to the town of Pampaneira. We are now in the Province of Granada, this town has 355people! Pampaneira is one of three villages of Alpujarras, at an elevation of 1060m. Hiking is a popular activity in this area and you can hire a guide here. The town is dominated by the Sierra Nevada peaks of  Mulhacén at 3,478m and Alcazaba at 3,371m. It was a cool place to walk around and eat lunch at Ruta de Mulhacen.

Drive on the E15 Greenhouses dominate the landscape

A stop in Mojacar and a view of the Mediterranean

The water fountain was the center of life for Mojacar since everyone came here to get their water. And no, Lee didn’t dip his toes in it.



Our Hotel in the Old Town.

One of the many squares




Dinner at a Moroccan Restaurant – Aljaima – even Lee drank beer!

Dinner at Aljaima

Dinner at Aljaima

Dinner at Aljaima

Dinner at Aljaima

Narrow streets of Almaria!

Drive to the Sierra Nevada

Drive to the Sierra Nevada

Drive to the Sierra Nevada


Tourist shop in Pampaneira, they had cool stuff.

no cars!

The 3000m peaks of the snow capped Sierra Nevada’s behind us.

Lunch at Ruta Del Mulhacen

Map of the Sierra Nevada’s. Lee’s finger is on Pampaneira

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