Blackcomb Backcountry

Ho hum; another trip to Blackcomb’s backcountry. The only pow to be found in these mountains this year is where the lifts end.

The day is clear and relatively cold so we head to the Spearhead first and then prep for a run down to Lakeside Bowl.

Sharon beginning the run down the south face into Lakeside Bowl.

My turn(s)

The snow is surprisingly good on the face. The winds have loaded some aspects but conditions appear bomber. Lakeside Bowl itself is covered with a sheen of transported snow making for a nice artsy picture looking towards the Decker Glacier.

Decker itself looking mysterious and dark

I like to ski down to the toe of Decker Glacier and then skin up the glacier. It gives you a few extra turns and a long approach to assess stability. As before, this north face where we approach is very stable and the skin up is routine. Sharon near the top of Decker. The wind is from the south and scours the top.

We don’t hang around the top for very long and get a nice long run down the face of Decker. Peter makes his turns.

We then head over to the Spearhead Glacier. The helis are buzzing around today but we successfully avoid random hordes of heli-skiers – up to the south ridge of the Spearhead Glacier and then up and over down to the glacier and then up to Corona Bowl where the wind has scoured the top. The traverse to Corona Bowl is getting thin in spots; there’s a few places where rocks are showing and the exposure level is high so maybe pack some crampons and take your time.

Corona Bowl itself is good at the top where the ridgelines north of Husume coulouir has shaded the bowl from wind. The bottom part of the bowl is wind-scoured and rocky. I would NOT recommend heading over to Poop Chutes at this time as there is little coverage.

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