Blackcomb Inbounds

Today was off the hook, sickter, radiculous, OMG. No more talk; just pictures. 30cms new but 2 to 3cms an hour falling all day and not much in the way of liftlines. Alpine wasn’t open due to AC. High winds made the snow in the trees just fine.

Sharon in trees on CBC North

Rob on trees on CBC North

Just to give you an idea of tree skiing in Blackcomb; here ‘s the cat-track exit .

Even late in the afternoon there was good snow in Outer Limits.

Late in the day .

Sharon . No faceplants necessary to coat her head in snow – that’s all snow face shots.

I knew I was tired and making mistakes when I hucked this 20 footer (anyway I think its 20 feet or so) at the end of Fraggle Rock onto a shallow angle landing leaving the bombcrater. Good thing there was nice cushiony snow but now my ass hurts. The snowboarder at the top decided to take a more conservative line.

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