Duffey Cayoosh – April 9, 2009

Finally I got to summit and ski off Cayoosh circumventing Sharon’s denial! I headed up there with Tyler and Sharon. Variable weather gave us sunny breaks right till it was time to descend. We skied off the summit, down the Cayoosh North Glacier and back to the clearcut in pretty decent snow. The Cayoosh N glacier itself is pretty broken and it was a bit hairy navigating it in flat light knowing that bridges were thin this year. Fortunately my memory isn’t completely gone and we had pretty decent snow all the way from the summit at 2600m to the Cayoosh Creek valley floor at 1400m.

Big slides ( sz 2 to 3) had run off the W facing slopes on the Cayoosh N drainage and had entrained debris almost all the way to the creek. The creek has some exposed holes so we gingerly made our way down and out without incident.

Tyler going up the Cayoosh E face – the W slopes that avalanched are in the backdrop. One went to ground (sz 3)

Sharon on the skin track. Pretty much everything in the background was cooked

We went high – Cayoosh N glacier was in excellent shape snow-wise


Glacier ice – inherently cool

Tyler coming off the glacier. Many of the lower slopes surrounding the glacier had solar-effect and had slid

Sz 3 that went to ground and entrained debris almost to the creek

Cayoosh from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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