Chilcotins Day 2 – Graveyard – Elbow Pass


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I’ll be brief. On our second day it rained a lot and showed us why Sharon always jokes that Chilcotin means “Wet Feet”. We scrubbed our plans to do alpine traverses. While the rest of the group hiked around camp Rob, Monte, Iori and I went up Little Graveyard, down Elbow and then back to Graveyard Camp. The beauty of this setup is coming back to a toasty fire and lots of good food – very necessary for drying out soaked gear. We covered about 26kms and climbed 1100m today.

Iori and Monte heading up Graveyard Creek towards a very gray looking alpine.

Pushing up to Elbow Pass – Rob leads the way

Elbow Pass had high moisture content and I was grateful for goretex socks

Iori heads down Elbow Pass to Big Creek

Monte descending Elbow Pass heading W

Inevitability of wet feet at Big Creek

… and once you’re wet, you can’t get much wetter

People were kind and left me seconds and thirds and fourths of pecan pie and barbequed chicken

A raging fire dries all

Bikes and horses all love the warmth

Warren taking care of shoeing duties during a camp day

Tarps kept the kitchen and food area dry. SLWA has this down to a science

More food….. mmmmmm

Our friendly porters

Our route today

Covered approx. 25km, 650m elevation

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