Duffey – Joffre Shoulder

Having gone there before back in the tele days we decided to check this area out again in this time of higher avalanche possibilities and warming temperatures. This area is definately a good destination to tour in the trees with many opportunities to take different lines down the cliffy sections which create pillows in winter!

Map of the area. Park 16km up the road near the weather station and start heading south.

At about 1500 meters are some steeper cliffy sections that we opted to skin around by going through the Gully.

Skinning up through the Gully.

Stopping for lunch.

Unfortunately the clouds were in and out that day offering minimal views. But we were able to see Chief Pascal and the wind scoured peak we hiked last year.

Lunch time!

Pano of the ridge of Mount Joffre. A summer mountaineering route to the peak. This section was quite windscoured so we didn’t go much further.

We did one run East into a bowl towards the lake. The heavy snow made for pretty slow turns.

We opted to head back down the way we skinned up.

Lee hucking!

The cliffy section at 1500meters offered a variety of lines to come down!

Pillow Lee!


Good destination for those low vis days when the snow is good in the trees!

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