Duffey Mt. Rohr

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Alpha Lee had his heart set on skiing the avalanche chutes off Rohr for awhile now. It didn’t help that a couple of friends of ours already skied it last November. With the avalanche warnings of the weekend and the known facet layer. What could possibly go wrong?

Getting ready to go.

Photo by Jimmy Meldrum

Rohr Chutes

Photo by Jimmy Meldrum

Skiing up the ridge

Photo by Jimmy Meldrum

As we got higher the facet layer became more of an issue. Lee and Jimmy making there way through one crux.

Photo by Jimmy Meldrum

Getting into the open

Photo by Jimmy Meldrum

Gavan our other splitboarder persists!

He spent about 20 minutes betting up the skin section above with Lee and Jimmy

Digging a pit at 2000m which showed a weak facet layer that was not bonding well to the latest storm snow so no steep slopes today.

View of Cayoosh across the valley

Jimmy skiing up

Photo by Tyler Wilkes

Lee with Cerise creek in the back

Photo by Tyler Wilkes

View across to Joffre

Wider view with the new run off Pascal

Heading up Rohr Ridge

Coming around the ridge

Tele Little Splitter TELE!

Mariot basin in the back of Rohr

Splitter bonding in the Duffy!

Lee and Sharon getting ready to ski or something.

Photo by Jimmy Meldrum

Skiing down to the backside of Rohr



Our route

Not the best ski out. Few cliffs to navigate

Map of our route

View Rohr in a larger map

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