Pemberton – Tenquille Area

Heli Shuttle in the Coast Range!

The weather this August has been AMAZING so we took the opporunity to do the Ultimate Mountain Bike Shuttle – A Helicopter!

A bit more expensive then the last time we did this, but well worth the price.

2000m Descending
200m Climbing

After being dropped off at 2160m, you make your way down one of two alpine bowls to a trail that eventually intersects with the Owl Lake Connector/Tenquille Lake trail which traverses to Tenquille Lake. There are two trails around the Lake, it was recommended by the Wildlife Association for riders to use the South side ( Left ) which is shorter, less muddy, more rocky and less of a slog. The rest of the descent is the fast trail that now goes through the burn of 2008. It’s quite dusty and definitely getting more eroded in the open burn area, the trail is also getting quite overgrown so you can’t go that fast since you can’t see the sniper rocks and logs on the side of the trail. The lower section opens up and is quite a bit faster.

Our Ride

Where’s my Dakine pad!

Tenquille Lake – 1700m

The bowl we rode down.

Group at the top! Jake Stein, Todd Hellinga, Lee, Sharon and Dan Stein

Helicopters are cool

Lee Alpine Romping

Jake romping before he slashed his tubeless tire.

But we fixed it!

Todd romping with the heli in the back.

Sombrio crew was also doing a drop, these are their bikes!

Todd Romping

Dan Romping

More Todd the photo whore

Sharon got to Romp too!

Gang romp

Getting to the bottom

Where the flowers were

Todd in the flowers

At Tenquille lake

Dan on Tenquille Lake

Lee and Dan


The new Tenquille Lake cabin. Built in 2011

Riding through the burn

Back at the car enjoying some refreshements.

Manditory Bike Co stop!

Awesome day guys!

Video of Tenquille Lake Ride

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