Utah 2005 Day 17 – Grand Junction

Our plan had been to ride in the Telegraph Trails in Durango that day. But our good buddy Kevin was in Grand Junction riding and we love getting hammered into the ground by Kevin. So off we drove on the scenic highway 550 to Grand Junction. After some fine food at Dos Hombres off we were to ride the Lunch Loop and Holy Cross – Kevin’s new creation in his backyard in Grand Junction.

The reason I like riding with Kevin is because of the sheer force of his determination. He won’t let a climb beat him. Everytime I give up too easily I can imagine Kevin yelling at me to keep trying. Here’s Kevin on Eagle’s Tail – riding it backwards from the usual way so we can get the best of the technical climbs.

I’m inspired by my climbing sensei and give everything an honest effort too.

or at least I try to make the climbs.

Kevin leads Sharon into the Holy Cross – a new trail he’s built on Lunch Loop.

Some of the rock – armoring on Holy Cross. These flat rocks are big. We could really use a few hundred of these in North Vancouver.

Kevin proudly shows off a section that took quite a few hours to build. As fellow geeks/trail-builders we can appreciate the craftsmanship and pride-of-work.

Holy Cross has some Holy Sh*t rock sections.

Here’s Kevin entering the trademark rock step down/roll-down section.

Of course, its possible to climb Holy Cross. Like many other trails in Lunch Loop – its possible but just difficult to ride the trail the other way.

Sharon finishes off the rock section of Holy Cross without any trouble.

It’s a short ride of 15.4km with 390m of ascending due to our late start.

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