Vancouver 2010 Olympics – Women’s Hockey

Feb 15, 2010

Words and photos by Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Went back to the city last night for Chinese New Year Dinner to watch Canada vs Switzerland in Womens Hockey. Thanks again to my brother for the tickets! He brought my Dad and Mum and me along.

First off = warmest winter in 115 winters of Vancouver recorded history (yeah its a young city)damn bulbs blooming in the garden already

Contrast to Whistler the next day (today) when it snowed to valley floor

The UBC arena venue for the women’s hockey game

Really wanted to get a pic with Quaatch but would have been bad form to elbow the kids out of the way

Lots of kids at the game loving it

Spirited game – the Swiss played good defence and worked hard but got pretty sloppy in the last half of the second period and third period and kind of abandoned their poor goalie

The place was packed! Canucks are hockey mad

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