Revelstoke Road Trip – Cartier Heli Drop


Cartier Heli Drop

Our friend from Grand Junction Kevin sent us an email last month. Hey, I need to get out of the USA. Despite who he voted for we agreed to let him in for a few alpine mountain bike rides! One of these was a heli drop on Mt Cartier. This ride is getting quite popular, fortunately there is a dedicated group of people who are doing trail work on this classic descent. If you do this ride, consider donating to the Revelstoke Cycling Association. Kudo’s also to Matt Yaki from Wandering Wheels who also contributes to the maintenance of this trail.

We called Arrow Helicopters to shuttle us to Cartier. They have the slick Heli MTB racks so we can all go up in one ride! The last time we rode this in 2014 was with Glacier Heli.

This is also a hiking trail so yield to hikers. It is a 16km ride with 2000m of descending and 100m of climbing right at the end. It took us three hours, but we take our time in the alpine.

Smoke from the fires covering BC this year.

All Hail the Air Donkey!

Not that cold at the top! Almost 2600m

Gotta do the gratuitous hike to the Fire Lookout box at the top

Also gotta look at your phone instead of the scenery!

Heading back down, disctracting views!

That looks safe…

Now we go down.





View of Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Riding down in the trees

Break by the cabin


Back at the road and the 10 minute ride back to the airport where Arrow Heli stages.

Trailforks Ride Log

Trailforks Ride Log

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