Icefall Lodge – Day 2 – Kemmel SE Ridge

Day 2, Jan 30 came in clear and sunny! We planned to head straight to the Alpine! We knew we had to be cautious since the avi forcasts were talking of a 1m think faceted layer 1 meter down. We didn’t find this on our pit the previous day but we dug our pit at 2200m. We headed out but planned to be cautious.

Our destination was Mt. Kemmel at 3150m. We were joined by the Tele’r DuncanMcColl and Nick Quinn, the splitter.

After taking the scenic route first up Troll Glacier, we turned around and climbed up the traditional SE Ridge. We passed an AMAZING slope on the way up – Icebox – but decided to not venture that far since we wanted to give the snowpack one more day in to settle. So we had to settle for a few pow laps down the SE Ridge and the dividing ridge between this slope and Icebox. One feature prevalent in this area are BIG CLIFFS. So we had to make sure we could see where we were going!

Skinning up from the Hut

Up Troll Glacier with Kemmel in the distance

Looking down Troll Glacier with Ice Peak in the distance

Sharon skiing down Troll Glacier

Kemmel Glacier Pano from SE Ridge

Skiing down SE Ridge

Rob and Sharon






Kemmel Glacier view

Troll and Kemmel Glaciers – Icefall lodge from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

1600m Climbing in 7 hours
-20 temps

Icefall Lodge – Troll Glacier Kemmel Approach at EveryTrail

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