Icefall Lodge – Day 3 – Mt. Kemmel, Icebox

With our track already set to Mt. Kemmel we went back to get as high as we could to hit up Icebox. We also wanted to ski Ice Pass and back up and over Orbit and Alien but opted to ski pow on the SE ridge instead. Gotta ski pow when there is pow available!

Duncan and Nick joined us again. It took 2 hours to get to the bottom of the SE Ridge and another 3 to get to the top of Icebox. Mostly since we were taken by the views, and didn’t want to fall into a crevace or over a cornice.

Skinning up

Photo by Rob McLachlan

Mt. Kemmel

As high as we needed to go on Kemmel.

Kemmel approach and the views

Long ridge of Mt. Kemmel


Then we go down!

Nick rippin’ it a new one!

Sharon’s turn

Our tracks on Icebox

Across the way we could see Julie and Danny making their way to Home Run.

We went for another lap on the SE Ridge



Duncan getting down!


You can see our tracks on Icebox in the background

Rob foolishly listened to Lee! Fortunately the snow was soft!


Photo by Rob McLachlan

Mt Kemmel, Icebox Glacier, SE Ridge then toe of Home run moraine lap from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

12.3km, 1700m, 7.5 hours
-20 again! cold and clear.

Icefall Lodge – Kemmel Mountain at EveryTrail

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