Oaxaca Biking Part 2

Oaxaca Bike Expeditions

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More riding in Ixtepeji and Etla. We rode the classic El Toro and Pena Prieta which were part of the Trans Sierra Norte.


Techy section

Nothing but lush forest and sweet singletrack!


Start of El Toro

El Toro entrance

Lunch at a really good buffet

Rained in the mountains one day to keep the lushness going

HUGE agave!

Modelo apres!

Etla – drier forest

Locals collecting wood for fire to cook tortillas

Alexis on a burm!

Comedor Lupita

Pena Prieta was STEEP and LOOSE!


Dinner at Pitiona – food was ok, view was amazing

The Group! Lee, Rena, Charlie, Lance, Sharon, Ches, Alaina

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