Oaxaca Biking Part 1

Oaxaca Bike Expeditions. Sharon Bader and Lee Lau

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In Oaxaca there are three main tour companies. We went with Oaxaca Bike Expeditions. All the groups use local guides and all are involved in building and maintaining the trails. We rented Transition bikes for this trip.

Our group was organized by Alaina and Lance, with Sharon, Lee, Rena and Charlie as riders, Ches joined us for two rides, Alexis and Chicas as guides and Alexis as the driver.

Ixtepeji is the main area where mountain bike specific trails were built at an elevation of 3000m. These trails are fast, flowy with some techy sections and jumps. Below this network are the older established trails that descend to 2100m which are more eroded, loose and natural.

We met at 9:30 at the Hotel after a hearty breakfast, stopped on the way for refreshements, then did 2-4 shuttles depending on the trails we rode. We usually ended at about 3 when we would have an apres beer while the bikes were loaded then a pretty big lunch and back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel we would chill, shower then walk into Centro for dinner at about 8:00.

Trailforks Ride Logs –

Day1 – 1800m Descending – La Cumbre Ixtepeji, Murcilago, Hawaiiana Parte Baja 2020, Los Raices, Venados
Day2 – 3665m Descending – Llano Carreta, 204
Day3 – 1650m Descending – Mil Rios
Day4 – 2510m Descending – Puma, La Carbonera, El Toro, Herradura
Day5 – 2510m Descending – Etla Area – Huerto, Flanders
Day6 – 4030m Descending – Pena Prieta, Donaji

Compilation Video


Our Group – Lee, Chicis, Alexis, Sharon, Lance, Alaina, Rena, Alexis, Charlie

Alberto and the two bikes we rented. Great bikes. Transition Spire and Patrol.

Making sure the bikes were working

Upper trails with hucks

Smooth and fast


Loading the van

Lunch after the rides was hearty.

More fast flowy trails

Very lush Mexican Forest

Safe at the bottom

More Lunch!

Smooth lush forests

Lower trails got more chunky. Llano Carreta.

Really good well equiped bike shop we spent time here on Day3, Mil Rios day, for Charlie to get better tires

Mil Rios

Apres Beer after the ride


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