Oaxaca City Part 2 Sharon Bader and Lee Lau

Oaxaca City – Tours and walking around.

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We rented bikes at Continental Istmo and rode to the Tule Tree and to a resevoir. There are bike paths, but the drivers don’t necessarily see you. The Tule tree is 1200-3000 year old Cypress tree with a trunk diameter of 42m. It is a sacred tree of the Zapotec.

We then saw Hierve el Agua and a Mescal Distillery with Oaxaca By Locals. Heirve el Agua is a natural travertine rock formation looking like a water cascade. Created by fresh water springs that leave a calcium carbonate ‘water’ fall when the water evaporates. You can also swim in a warm mineral pool. At the site are alot of food venders for lunch. We then went to a Mescal Distillary to learn about how Mescal is made.

When our friends arrived we visited the Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca which you can only see through a 11:00 free tour.

While we were there we also had the opportunity to see Lucha Libre TWICE! Pretty entertaining. Check this Facebook page for the next show!

A Trip to Oaxaca is not complete without a walk through Mercado 20 De Noviembre, Mercado Benito Juarez to see food and stuff!

Guide to the Tule Tree

Tule Tree

Branches of the Tule Tree

Bike path

Dinner at Casa Oaxaca

Beer stop at Oaxaca Brewery

Oaxaca by Locals store front. Great place to chill and have a coffee too.

Hierve El Agua


Pool for a dip

Mezcal Tour

Jardin Etnobotanica

Maise bed

Pipe Cacti

Lucha Libre!

Lucha Libre

Mercado 20 De Noviembre

Mercado Benito Juarez

Excelent lunch at Los Danzantes

This guy was a great waiter. Chicken Breast with 5 different Moles!

Cemetary in Xochimilco. Very busy.

Many small Restaurants serve breakfast. All are good and cheap.

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