Oaxaca City Part 1

Oaxaca City – Tours and walking around.

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We flew United through Houston to Oaxaca. Check different dates for flights as prices change depending on when you fly. We booked a taxi with Civitatis from the airport to Hotel Victoria. On the way back to the airport we booked a yellow taxi that was at the hotel. You can’t drink the tap water in Mexico so we went to the small store – Tia – and bought a 20litre bottle for the week. We also bought a small styrofoam cooler and ice at the small stores for beer. There are no fridges in the rooms.

We did a tour with Oaxaca Dreams to Monte Alban. A Pre-columbian site habited by the Zapotec, the local indigenous people, around 500BC. Abandoned about 700AD when it was lost to history to be rediscovered and excavated in the 1900’s. It was named for the white blossoms of the trees that covered the site when the Spanish first discovered the area. It is still being excavated.

We then visited Arrazola Alebrijes Autoctonos, to see how the spirit animals are created. Then a stop at Ayuntamiento San Bartolo Coyotepec to see a Black Pottery studio. Specifially the one where Dona Rosa developed the technique to polish the Black Pottery.


Queen Room in Hotel Victoria

Nice View

Breakfast buffet

Hot choices

Chilaquilas – eggs, sauce whatever on chips

The Pool.

Getting water!

Walking into town, everytime we’d see something different.

Santo Domingo church. Also has the museum.

Weddings all the time

Lunch. Our first Mole meal.

Dinner at Ancestral Cocina Tradicional in Xochimilco

Monte Alban

Trees that gave the site its name


Los Danzantes – Thought to represent thier captives before they were sacrificed.

Steep steps!

Alebrijes Coop

Carved from one piece of wood from the Copal Tree.

So cool. Everyone one is different! ART!

Lunch at an ex-convent


Dona Rosa’s pottery studio

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