Moab – Day 3 – Geyser Pass

There are advantages with going to a new area with a group. Especially with a group of people from the bike industry! You can get the Shuttle Hook UP! On day two we got back to the condo early and wet. This gave Pete a chance to ‘go into town’. While in town he went to Slick Rock Cycles to talk to Dave. Dave was going to do a ride the next day with a bunch of guys. Turns out the guys were Dave Turner, the Elusive John – the California DUDE who spends his time riding and building in Whistler AND Moab and some other hard core locals.

We meet at the shop at the crack of 9:00am for our 10:30am departure to the start of the ride. Hmmmm snow?

John Loaner, Lee Lau, Sharon Bader, Christina, John, Dave Turner, Jamie, Calum. – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Jamie starts through the aspen forest whose leaves have already given way to winter.

Nice Forks! – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Our big group makes its way across the cow pies and mud river that was the trail.

Mt. Mellenthin of the La Sals stands over us at 12,645ft. as we ride by.

We are at a mere 10,000 or so feet riding through this mountain meadow.

One of the Slickrock guys! Calum

Getting muddy! At least we hope its just mud… There were a lot of cows in dem darn hills…

Dave Turner and Slickrock Bike Shop Dave! – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Our trusty Norco mechanic Jamie MUST take the time out to wash his faithful steed!

Is this recommended in the Norco catalogue? – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Once in the trees the trail is a bit drier.

Lee Lau and Dave Turner – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Pete’s Norco Six. Is that the ’08 paint job?

yuck! – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Yes the sun was shining and the trails were drying. Just not that fast.

Dave Turner – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Railing through the aspens on a clean bike!

Jamie – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Once at the Mesa the trails dried some more. The aspens on the flank of the mountain across the way haven’t started to change colour yet.

Jamie – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

The red rocks of Moab can be seen from the mesa.

Mike and Tami from Lake Tahoe – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Now the real descending begins! Stunt Jam!

Dave Hill, Sharon Bader, Calum

Not quite out of the apens yet! One more week and these guys will be in full gold colour!

John Loaner! – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Once off that mesa we head down the road.

Stopping every so often to regroup.

Dave, John, Jamie, Dave

The trail continues with great views of the Moab Valley.

Lee on the connector

Lee, whose rib was still bothering him a bit, was distracted here since his front brake stopped working…

Lee Lau! – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Railing on the mesa wtih the La Sals still ever present in the back! .

Dave and Jamie

Our group waiting in the distance.

Grouping for the start of the descent off the mesa

John is smiling since he knows what’s coming up!

Dave and his Norco killing it!

Slickrock Bike Shop Dave!

Cool little side hill.

Dave – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

The final riders come from the mesa .

More rounded slickrock rollers!.

Dave Turner wondering what kind of bike does the world need next? hmmm the Turner Tele! nevermind….

Dave Turner – Photo byPete Stace-Smith

Pete rolls the red rock and pulls off a nose wheelie, really!

Pete and Mike

Sharon heading off the red rock.

Sharon! – Photo by PeteStace-Smith

Into the valley below.

– Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

But WAIT! Its not over! A few more steep sections to go!

Dave getting ready to call for parts for Pete’s bike!

Yup, we’re heading down!

– Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Sometimes you have to be conservative!

The final pitch! – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Heading out the valley.

Lee Lau – Photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Looking back from wence we came.

Elevation change over time – woo hoo! 6km in 5 hours! We ROCK! 200m of climbing, 1800m of descending in 4:42 on Sharon’s watch.

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