Moab – Day 4 – Porcupine Rim

Porcupine Rim. THE must do Moab Epic. We have done the Porcupine singletrack from Sand Flats road, actually we drove up and Lee got the car from the end of the trail while the rest of us sat in a coffee shop… The last few times we were in Moab we were unable to do the Whole Enchilada! ride for various reasons. Closures, snow the usual.

One of the goals of this trip was ride from Burro Pass -> Hazard County -> Kokopelli-> Upper Porcupine Singletrack/Lower Porcupine Singletrack AND the Porcupine Singletrack. The weather almost got us again! We could only do the ride from Hazard County. Oh well we still got in our 2075m of descending for 545m of climbing!

The drive up through Castle Valley is an adventure in itself!

The Norco Uber-shuttle vehicle!

We start at Warner Lake in the aspen stands of the La Sals. Nice campground.

Getting ready to go –Dave, Jamie, Sharon, Lee and Trish. – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

After a wee climb with the La Sals towering ever presently in the back.

Pete and Lee.

Winter is just starting to make itself known as the aspen leaves start to brown.

Trish – who doesn’t do a lot of long rides made up for lost time on this trip! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Hazard County.

Dave, Jamie, Pete and Lee – fixing his brakes again!

The trail starts open and fast, with smallish hits along the way built in rocked Moab style.

Pete and Trish

The contrasting views are stellar, can you see us in the left corner!

From the mountains to the valley… – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

The mesa’s are ever present and surrounding us.

Jamie and Lee! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Railing through the Oak!

Jamie and Dave.

Lee Lau.

Little hits were built along the Hazard section for those who like to fly!

Dave. – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Swoopy section just before Kokopelli!


Kokopelli section of the ride.

Jamie, Sharon, Dave, Pete and Trish!

The La Sals are starting to get further away.


Finally a stop for a snack at one of the many outcropped viewpoints of Castle Valley.


Such diversity of terrain!


Cool slickrock boulder section stands in start contrast to the La Sals in the background.

Lee looking little! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

On the Upper Porcupine section, ho hum more slickrock!

Pete, Sharon, Dave, Jamie!

Lots of opportunity to play!



The Nuggy shot! I was able to ride the 2008 Fluid LT on this ride! Nice Bike! Perfect for Moab DH!

Lee and Sharon! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

The Fluid LT fluently flowing on the sandy field.

Sharon on the LT! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Oh Look at the Freerider taking advantage on this steep and deep to show what the Shore can do!

Dave dropping in!

Not to be outdone, Jamie also drops in on the sexy six!

Yes it was this steep, and the final turn was sharp too! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Ho Hum more views.


What is the view up there like? Not bad either!


Lee – photo by PeteStace-Smith

Nope, not a bad way to spend a day!

Sharon and Lee! – photo by Pete Stace-Smith

We must get getting lower and turning away from the Rim towards the final singletrack.


Not to miss the opportunities to huck a few back!

Pete – NOT acting hisage!

Getting lower now, you can start to see Moab Valley.

Lots of ledges on the Porcupine singletrack to spend some time on.



Trish! photo by Pete Stace-Smith

Oh look, we must be near the bottom, a climb.


Back at the car!

Pete, Trish, Jamie, Dave, Sharon and Lee!

Time for beer.

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