Monument Valley and Misc hiking Oct 29

Words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

We vistited Monument Valley on one of our previous big Utah trips back in 2000. At that time we stayed at a really cool campground overlooking the Valley. I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but this campground is now the location of the View Hotel. The campground is in a now cleared out open area a bit further away with no trees and very exposed to wind and sun. So we stayed in the hotel which was pretty nice and offered a great view of Monument Valley!

Give it to the Navajo. This area was inhabited by them for thousands of years, but didn’t really offer any kind of significance. It was made famous by Hollywood, specifically John Wayne, and now the Navajo are capitolizing on it. Good for them. Its still worth a visit.

St. Georges || Red Canyon – Thunder Mountain || Gooseberry

Mesa Area || South Rim of the Grand Canyon || Red Rocks in Las Vegas

Driving to Monument Valley via Zion.

Long and lonely roads. |

First view of Monument Valley

Hike where the old campground used to be!

The View Hotel and Monument Valley


Some old peice of machinery

Everyone is setting up for their shot!



Lobby of the View Hotel

Since we were planning on camping we were set up to cook… so we did!

Quick and dirty dinner!

Starry nights.

The next day we took a 2.5 hour guided drive to a ‘restricted area’ Not really worth it. Its good to use the Navajo guides on the main tour so you don’t have to drive your own car, but the extra loop is not that worth it.

Monument Valley at Sunset.

Sunrise on the balcony


We started to hike the Wildcat trail but bailed and did the drive instead and then a ride.

Moonrise over the three sisters.

Rock art goats by the Pueblos – They were here before the Navajo.

Eye of the Sun arch


Some families still live in the valley and are influenced by our modern times.

Then we hopped on our bikes and rode around the valley.

It was WINDY! Oakley Snapjackets are great in sandy wind!

Yup, its windy!

More starry shots

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