Central BC Mt Hudson Bay – Feb 28 2009

With the recent publication of John Baldwin’s “Exploring the Coast Mountain on Skies – A Guide to Ski Mountaineering” John and his significant other, Linda Bily, planned a trip to Central BC that we were able to join. As part of his tour to promote the book we traveled to Smithers, Stewart and Terrace BC to double check on the research. We pick up Jos van der Burg in Chilliwack and start the long drive to Central BC.

Traveling along Hwy 16 from Prince George to Stewart it is a vast flat land until you crest a hill and see;

Mt. Hudson Bay with the ski runs down the trees.

We get to the ski hill at the crack of 12:00 on a sunny day and start our day.

Linda, Lee, John and Jos

We ski up the hill on a Saturday. In the sunshine, there is powder here. Still.

Mt. Hudson Bay crests in the distance.

Since this is the first peak to the west it gets a bit of wind.

Wish I brought my ski crampons…

Heading to the backcountry of Ski Smithers we are bordered to the south by the Howson range where the Burnie Glacier Cabin is. This area has been likened to Fairy Meadows with its huge glaciers and complex terrain.

Lee, John, Jos and Linda

Yup, bit of wind scouring.

Think I’ll boot pack from here

We are at one of the first areas you can get a good ski off Mt. Hudson Bay when it isn’t wind hammered and ski right back into town.

Above the Simpson couloir.

We continue up a bit further for more views and rocks.

Sharon and Jos

Near the top everyone started to boot pack.

John, Lee and Jos

Jos got as far as we could.

Jos of the Mountain!

Lee pining for the couloir!

No Lee, BACK! Its Icy!

We rip down the sastrugi, back to the ski area pow.

ripping up the pow!

Once back to Smithers we drove down the road to look back up to Kathlyn Glacier. The red dot is where we were and where John Baldwin took a ride off a cornice down to the Glacier before eventually being rescued. Thus starting his passion for the mountains!

Lee is still pining for Kathlyn Couloir on lookers right.

View of the backcountry possibilities from Ski Smithers.

Larger view showing the ski area runs and the view from the town.

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