Central BC Smithers – Mt. Harvey – Babine Mts. March 1 2009

Another prominent range in the Smithers area is the Babine Mountain Provincial Park. There is a cabin in this area called the Joe L’Orsa Cabin which was built by BC Parks in 1999 in honour of Joe who worked to protect this area. This day we skied up to the summit of Mt. Harvey. This area is also a popular hiking area in the summer. Many of the trails here are bike accessible. It’s a tedious flat access road to the Harvey turnoff which we did as an out and back

Gearing up at the car.

Linda, Lee, John and Jos

Lots of snow on the kiosks!

Maps at each trailhead make for pretty simple navigation.

The access starts out flat for four kilometers, then you climb another 850m in 5km to the peak.

Jos schnell led the charge!

We stop for lunch at tree line and to take in the views!

Linda, John and Jos

Linda heading up with Ski Smithers in the background!

Linda, who fed that Jos Shcnell meat this morning???

The clouds are more prevalent now as we enter the alpine and make our way to the summit.

Lee, John andJos

Linda and Sharon coming up the alpine with Ski Smithers in the back.

Go guys go!

At the top there are many signs courtesy of BC Parks telling us the rules.

We head back down the ripper sastrugi.

Lee and Jos loving their edges.

The last 4km we do the XCSki push and glide!

Tele won this time!!!

Google earth image of the climb up to Harvey and the Galleon. You can also see where the Joe L’Orsa cabin is.

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