Central BC Smithers – Mt. Hudson Bay Inbounds March 2 2009

Monday came with snow! Ski Smithers is closed on Monday and Tuesday so we decided to head up to the ski area and lap the runs!

John has been a tele skier for the last 1000 years. We swapped gear so he could see what the new equipment is like and I could digress back to ski infancy and tele again!


We skin up to the Skyline Hut where we hung out between laps.

John, Lee, Justin, Linda and Jos.

Gang banging Ski Smithers!

Linda, John, Justin, Jos and Sharon tele’ing!

John seems to be adapting well to the PHAT Verdict skis!

Check out the parallel STEEZE!


Justin and Sharon Tele’ing!

More POW!

Sharon, Justin and Jos

The AT vs TELE race!

Justin and Lee


Jos finds the stash!

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