Central BC Smithers – Boulder Mountain – March 3 2009

Just North of Moricetown, 43km down the road from Smithers is the Boulder Creek Logging road and access to the bowls behind Boulder Ridge. After climbing about 460m in 4.4km you take an obvious creek up through the forest to gain the ridge.

Getting ready at the car.

John, Sharon, Linda and Lee

Skinning up the trees and the way down. The tree skiing here is ‘good’ by Bulkley Valley standards…


As we get higher the trees thin out.


We continue heading up.

Sharon, Lee and Linda

We get to the ridge where the trees thin out and the views open up!

hmmmm, some potential in the back?

Looking ahead we see the first north facing slopes of many to all sides!

Lee wants it!

We head into the alpine, the way back is not looking so bad either!


Just below this area would be a nice place for a cabin!

Linda, John and Sharon. – Photo by Jos van der Burg

We get to the top of the cornice and a nice north facing slope. We considered skiing it but it was late in the day, there were six of us and well we left if for another day.

Lee dug a pit, it looked good but…

More slopes in the back!

The snow back the way we came was not bad!


Linda Tele!

Linda looking on!

photo by Jos van der Burg

Then we get into the epic Smithers tree skiing!

Lee rippin’ it down!

Yup, lots of lines!

Just don’t take mine! You bastard!

Not bad snow here!



17km, 1400m climbing, 7:25

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