Central BC Smithers – The Galleon – Babine Mts. March 5 2009

The Galleon is the second highest peak in the Babines at 2380m. You can ski directly to the peak and on this sunny day that was one option for the day. We skied with Brian Hall, the owner of the Storknest Inn where we stayed – highly recommended with its reasonable prices and breakfast included!

We left the Inn early to get an early start only to be thwarted by a mechanical on the G3 Tele bindings.

Do you have a cable? Do you have a pair of pliers? Knife? Bomb? New bindings? – Photo by Jos van der Burg

Once the firkling was over we finished the 8km flat trek where you climb a mere 277m and then headed into the trees.

Lucas, Brian, Lee and Sharon – Photo by Jos van der Burg

You cross a creek a few times, sometimes by snow bridges, sometimes over trees.

John and Linda

We then leave the trees and enter the Danny Moore Basin. There was a lot of wind in here over the last few weeks…

Jos and Linda

Looking back down the Basin.


Then we have to cross the creek! We found a pretty good spot!

Lucas, Linda, Lee, Sharon and Brian – Photo by Jos van der Burg

John wasn’t so lucky.

Negotiating the boulder field on the way up the valley.

Lucas, Lee, Jos, Linda, John and Sharon – Photo by Brian Hall

Getting closer to the mountains!

John and Linda

Looking down the valley of the Danny Moore Basin flanked by Lagopus Mt and Elmsted.

Can you see us trying to catch Jos schnell! – Photo by Jos van der Burg

Almost there? Not quite…



We are now heading to the last section I guess you can say of the ascent.

Onward HO! – Photo by Brian Hall

The group makes the last push to the summit and we get there at 3:40

yeah, the summit, my vestigial penis grew.

Then we head back down!

Lee getting the shots in. – Photo by Jos van der Burg

We shredded this slope! Snow was not bad!

Linda – Photo by Jos van der Burg

We high tale it back down before it gets too dark. Get to sample some ‘classic’ Smithers tree survival skiing and were back at the cars for sunset.

Lets go! – Photo by Jos van der Burg

Google Earth Image of the Babines.

30km, 1700m climbing in ~10hours with firkling.

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