Central BC BC Scenes and Windy Ridge March 6, 2009

The next leg of our journey took us to Stewart BC. With an average winter snowfall of 40 FEET! and constant snowfall warnings on the weather channel there could be some good skiing opportunities here! The town exists on mining and forestry. Last Frontier Heli skiing also stages from here, their tenure is the size of Switzerland. The other employer would be the MOT with the onerous task of keeping the roads clear of snow.

The Storknest Inn – Great Smithers Accommodations!

Great hospitality and breakfasts!

Kitwanga Junction – Turn right to no mans land!


Making sure you know where you are going!

get your gas now!

Lee hitching for pow!

Just before the Bear Glacier we spot a diversion, a large concrete bunker… This is where they store the Howitzer to control avi’s on Windy Ridge!

Getting some snow now!

We head back to Windy Ridge to get a quick tour in. Skinning up the snow seems kinda sun affected and heavy, but we found some goods!



Back at the car the snow starts to fall.

The drive back was WINTERY! The snow was ~3inches thick on the back of the Volvo!

Slippery when snowy!

Then the skies cleared and the moon came out! The next day was bright and sunny!

Moon over Stewart in a low snow year.

Some local Stewart Architecture

mmmm ice cream!

The Dock of the Bay

Lee wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Then jumping into the Ocean!

or snow

Since we were so close to Hyder we had to drive to the border. We drove down, turned around and parked. The Canadian Customs officer came out and gave us the whole grind! We didn’t even leave Canada! Talk about bored! Since we had places to go to ski and she obviously had not a lot better to do we didn’t piss her off, took our picture of the U S of A and headed back to Canuckistan.

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