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Pamplona and Zaragoza

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After 10 days of riding with BasqueMTB we rented a Kia from Avis and drove around Spain. The highway system is amazing. I love traffic circles. The tolls get old pretty fast though. Our first plan was to stay on the Northern parts, but it snowed. So we headed South. First stop Pamplona to walk the street where they runs the bulls. Ate Tapas and tried to stay dry since it RAINED? in SPAIN? thought that only happened on the Plain…

We stayed two nights in Zaragoza at the Tryp Zaragoza. The capitol of Aragon, it was founded by Caesar Augusta from which the name Zaragoza is derived. In Zaragoza we visited the Aljafería, a moorish palace built in the 11 century by the Islamic rulers who controlled the area for 30 years. It is well worth the visit to see the amazing architecture. We then walked down the Plaza de Pilar which is the main walking street in Zaragoza where many historical buildings can be seen including Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, a huge Church. From here it is an easy walk to the Roman Baths and a Roman Theatre that was uncovered in 1972 when they were going to build a new apartment building.

Zaragoza is a cool city and worth visiting if you’re traveling around Spain.

Pamplona Colosseum


Tapas and Beer!

More Tapas and Beer!

Photo of the running of the bulls.


We stayed at the Tryp Zaragoza in an area revitalized for the 2008 Expo, Worlds Fair on Water and Sustainable Development


Very cool interior

Intricate designs

Beginning of the Plaza de Pilar

Fuente de la Hispanidad

Murallas Romanas – Ceasar Augusta

Plaza de Pilar

Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar




Breakfast at Tryp Zaragoza.

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