Panticosa – Day 6 – BasqueMTB Pyrenees Mountain Bike

Mountains of Single Track in Spain with BasqueMTB,
Fall 2018

Day 6 – Panticosa (Biescas)

Locations were Val D’Aran – Day 1 || Benasque – Day 2 and Day 3 || Ainsa – Day 4 || Biescas Day 5 and Day 6
Then we spent three days riding in the Basque Coast
Then we spent another two weeks driving around Spain

Day 6, our last day of riding in the Pyrenees with BasqueMTB we do some more rides near Biescas. The weather is still warm and dry, but systems are approaching. We rode the trails built and/or maintained by Andres, again you can find more information on this area at his website here – BiescasDH. When I asked Andres if there was any conflict with other users in the area he looked at me with an odd look that said, Conflict with who? Nobody uses these trails as most of the young people have left, and the older people see the mountains as places of work not recreation. The only real users are the hikers and bikers. Yeah us!

6 day trip with BasqueMTB which had us stay in 4 places. Val D’Aran – Day 1 || Benasque – Day 2 and Day 3 || Ainsa – Day 4 || Biescas Day 5 and Day 6

Day 6 – Biescas – We descended 1600m and climbed 790m on trails including – Sobremon, Arrieras – a trail Andres has rerouted to make more sustainable and finally Punta Punero.

Andres’ Logo

Start of Sobremon with Borja, Paul and Doug.

Last day, lets climb! Rob and Raymond.

Go Paul

Joel and Mark

Doug in his happy place.

We start to go down.

Prime trails, where is everybody!

Steve and Lee

Steve and Doug

Sharon with the matching Icebreaker and Orbea!

Hanging out at the top of the second descent – Arrieras which was going to be used as an Enduro race course on Saturday. The race was cancelled due to rain in the forcast.

Ski potential anywhere?

I just kept thinking about the ski potential!

Doug railing the Rallon

Regroup for our 3rd and final lap.

Trail head signs funded by IMBA and installed by Andres

Lunch – Mark, Matt, Finn, Rob, Doug, Joel, Mark and Steve.

Where we stayed on our final night at Hostal Ameztia in Doneztebe, Navarra.

Overview of todays ride

Elevation Profile

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