Rogers Pass 8812-Bruins Jan 16 2009

Perley Rock – Jan 17, 2009 || Triangle Moraine – Jan 18, 2009

Due to no new snow again in the Coast – off again to the Pass. Keep going to Bruins and 8812; this time because nothing in the permit areas are open and that has decent fall-line skiing with ridgeline approaches.

Two pits to assess pack again – once at the low approach to Bruins Ridge and another at near the top of 8812 Bowl. At the top of 8812, we deliberately picked an area close to a rocky outcrop that was hopefully a weak spot in the pack.

Pit 1 – 2025m, 10:50am, 32deg, E-SE, clear skies, no wind, low valley cloud. Ski pen 15cm, boot pen 50cms

-1 deg temp

HS 255cms

25cm Fist

25cms 4F

30cm 1F

45cm P

Pit 2 – 205m; 12:45pm, 40 deg, S facing, 0.3 deg temp

HS 240cms

5cms MF

50cms 1F

60-70 W/S 4F

120 4F

120 – 150 1mm facets


2nd column cut above a rock with

HS 110

CTM 15 on 110mm facets. Funny the block split into three @ 15 on WS and 25 and

110 on the facets as the block calved off

Woolsey Creek Bistro – the go-to for food in Revelstoke

Taking out the babies for a walk at the Glacier Park Lodge

Jameson on the approach to Bruins Ridge

Sharon on Bruins Ridge

Two slides – one more recent from a cornice drop on Ursus; another from the last storm cycle on NRC Gullies

Don’t think I’ve dug as many pits over the last three years as I have this year

On 8812 Peak – Jameson, Lee and Sharon

No tracks on 8812 Bowl



Jameson off the waterfall at the end of Balu


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