This site started out as a diary of our trips.

We would use it to look back on our trips, as a reference for future trips and a depository for information for our trips.

Since then people have used it as a reference for their trips. We have also used it to extract  information for more focused trip reports for other relevant websites.  This has inspired us to continue, take better pictures and write better stories.

We will continue to use this site to document our adventures.

Sharon and Lee

We are also proud to be

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  1. dino giurissevich says:

    Have really enjoyed following your mountain bike adventures.If you would like to ride some trails in the okanagan i would love to show them to you.

  2. Dan Kovacs says:

    Hi, we used your reviews of your trip to Revelstoke for our trip the past couple of days. Your site and reviews for Revi were just great. Keystone ride was great. We also took in the Macpherson ski trails as you had done. Used the same campground, and even the same deli that you recommended in town!

    Other than a crash 5 minutes into the Keystone ride and rendering my front brakes useless, it was a stellar day!

    Thanks for the great recommendations, it was a great trip!


  3. Rob says:

    Your Grizzly Lake Pictures inspired me to undertake a long dayhike to Grizzly Lake and Pass and return to trailhead while in the Yukon.Like you I had rainyweather but madeuse of time When clouds cleared briefly ,was rewarded with unique mountain spires. Only wish I had time to overnight and extend trip into Divide Lake.
    A challenging but still very feasible dayhike to amazing alpine setting.

  4. Bret says:

    Hi Lee,

    This winter I had been searching for any info about Atwell’s south face. Your write up was very helpful. This weekend we climbed and skied the same line, slight variation at the end, that you and Sky did back in 2009.

    Do you know much about other lines on that face?



  5. Blake says:

    Hey Lee,
    I was lucky enough to ride Della downhill the other day up in Lillooet. the trail was awesome, I had seen your video and it was the motivation to get up there and check it out, I’m so glad i had the changce to experience that trail. ill be sure to ride it again soon. I also saw the video that you have for ‘Mad Rectal Miner’, that trail looks like it would be unreal to ride, any chance of getting some directions on where to find the trail head? I cant find any info on it.

    Cheers. Blake.

  6. Hey together

    We are the local bike school in Zermatt and i had already some guest telling me about your great Zermatt trip report.

    Perhaps it would be helpful for other bikers if you put the link of our bike school in your Zermatt report. As you have experienced, we have a lot of trails, so it is not bad to have someone that shows you the best of them… ;-)


    We also have a movie, perhaps you could also implate that to your report.



    Thanks a lot and nice greetings from sunny Zermatt, ride on…

  7. Ian says:


    I was wondering if the Dreamweaver trail – http://www.leelau.net/sharonandlee/foggy-green-dreams-june-23-2012/ – is suitable for low intermediate riders? If so, does it have an access off of Mountain Highway, or do you have to ride down Executioner to access it?


  8. jozien says:

    Hi, i have been on google an hour or more to research the Kluane ice fields, and am happy to find your site here.
    I have some questions, i am not on facebook , and cannot find an email address here for you, but you can just phone me 667 2545
    One question about the size; when i measure the map with my ruler i say, the ice fields are at least 40.000 square kilometer of continues ice. Your site says 21, i did find that elswehere, but i wonder if that is just the Canadian part of it. What do you think?

  9. Celine says:

    I enjoy reading about your bike and ski adventures! The photography is great. My boyfriend and I are a kind of low-budget, low-tech version of you guys…but still manage to seek out great places in mostly southern BC! First came across your site when researching where to ride near Smithers. Keep up the good work.

  10. P Beauregard says:

    Hi there, i just read your review on touring boots on TGR. How would the Garmont Radium rate on the same scale? Thanks

  11. Bill Sinclair says:

    Hi Lee,

    I was looking for south island trail information and found your great site. Good to see you are still wearing the old Team Puke jersey. Would love to see and ride with you and Sharon again. Let us know when you are passing through some time.

  12. admin says:


    It’d be great to see you guys. I keep meaning to come over to Nanaimo and ride!

  13. Kristopher says:

    I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of Kazama Outback skis, 195cm with white topsheets. Do you happen to have any leads? Thanks!

  14. Smithf4 says:

    I really like your writing style, excellent info, thank you for putting up abaggdedkeddedbc

  15. robert chipman says:

    Hi Lee:

    Thanks for putting this info up. I’m doing some work on the state of grizzlies in BC. You’ve got a pic of a sow with three cubs in the Big Creek area and a reference to another boar seen the same or next day.

    Can I use your pic? I think it’s a pretty good example of how people like us (that is, people who make effort to get into backcountry) can run into grizzlies, and I think it might also give some context to what’a threatened area that has connectivity to a non-threatened area can be like vs an area that suffers connectivity problems (Big Creek area vs. North Cascades, for example, or, an estimate of a couple hundred bears vs an estimate of 6 bears).

    I will link to the page and give you credit, of course.

    I’ve been on the edges of where you took that trip, and hope to explore the Big Creek back country next year.



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