Blackcomb Inbounds January 20 and 22nd,

Blackcomb Jan 20 and 22nd 2006

Skied Blackoomb inbounds. Light dusting of snow – 15cms new made for a nice mellow social ski. Here’s Frank on Everglades with Whistler as background.

Jamie hucking HUGE for the camera

We headed off for some pillow action in CBC trees to escape crowds.

Turns out there weren’t that many people on the mountain. The high-traverse on the Glacier was looking good from Sapphire Bowl.

The upper entry into Sapphire is still looking a tad rocky.

Ron in Sapphire. Unusual for us to have any sun.

Frank and Ron on Sapphire on a line above the cliffs. For some reason hucking 40 feet to rocks didn’t appeal to them so we skied off to the side.

Taking the high traverse to Poop Chutes the light was gorgeous.

Post Poop Chutes demolition. Light is poor but the background is fine stuff.

We were hoping the weather would hold for a tour the next day but the ceiling dropped. The flat light and whiteout kiboshed out plans to ski the Spearhead and Phalanx glacier so instead we settled for East Col, BodyBag Bowl and a couple of runs off Disease Ridge for a mellow tour.

January 22nd

Andrew, Sven and Tiffany are out for a day and rope me in for a Blackcomb tour. The weather isn’t as good as it could be but doesn’t crap out completely so I opt to drop into the alpine and over to Ruby Bowl for some turns. We find some freshies from wind transport screaming over the ridgeline between Horstman and Blackcomb Glaciers.

The group passes on a trek into Chainsaw Ridge and down Hawaii 5-0 so we drop into Saudan then off to CBC trees. After a few more laps we’re back again over Spankys and this time into Diamond Bowl.

Diamond is also surprisingly good. The wind-blown snow softens everything up but with a storm system coming in from the SE I figure we’ve pretty much miled the alpine.

We finish up with a run down Cougar Chutes which Andrew charges.

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