Colorado Utah Trip – Moab – Amasa Back and Klondike Bluffs

After Grand Junction we headed to Moab. The last time we were there was in 2007 in the fall with the Norco Crew. We had a short ride in Fruita and decided to drive a backroad to Moab through Gateway. It was a nice route and if you have time and its dry check it out!

Our First Moab ride was Amasa Back to Pot Hole Arch, back to Rockstacker and Jackson Trail. We did this in 2007 with the Norco Crew.

Our second ride was a new trail system – Klondike Bluffs.

But first we had to find a camping spot. As this is May and Moab is getting more popular we booked a site at Pack Creek Campground.

We used our new 3 season 6 person Sierra Designs Tent! It’s Awesome!

We parked at the lot below the main Amasa Back lot where Jackson comes out. Find more info on this ride at Utah Mountain Biking

The US Dept of the Interior and Trail Mix Grand County have put up maps and manage many of the Moab trail systems.

First we ride up Kane Blvd

The Amasa Back trail is mostly Jeep roads and make for good climbing

Great views too!

Signs at all major junctions

Once off Amasa Back the trail is more single track

and technical

The trail to Pot Hole Arch is fun slickrock.

Then we head down Rockstacker, described as ‘ultra technical ‘ yes.

and Jackson

550m climbing in 18km in 3hours of riding

Moab – Amasa Back at EveryTrail

Video of Amasa Back

Rockstacker to Jacksons


Klondike Bluffs – An old area with new trails!

Again managed by the Trail Mix Group.

The loops we did were – Copper Ridge Road ( avoid Dino flow due to sand ) up Baby Steps South ( avoid first single track loop to right due to sand ) do left Baby Steps to UFO, up Little Salty to the 4X4 Road to Mega Steps, we then did the first two sections of EKG which were slickrock technical up and down and finished on the 3rd leg of Dino Flow and back to Copper Ridge 4X4 road. I think Dino Flow being a newer trail will be more single track and sandy, EKG is older and more slickrock. The trails here are FAST and not very technical. The sandy trails would be better after rain, but not during as the roads are impassable then.

Very well signed throughout.

Baby Steps is a mix of slick rock, road and new swoopy single track.

UFO is marked in purple paint and is very fast and flowy with a mix of slickrock and single track.

We opted to go to Mega Steps cause it was soo much fun! You could shorten your ride by going down Baby Steps North

After Mega Steps – which was very fast and flowy we rode EKG – mostly technical slickrock.

At Little Salty we rode to Dino-Flow to check it out. It was fun sandy single track.

600m climbing, 27km in 3hrs of riding.

PDF of Klondike Bluff Trails from Trail Mix

Moab – Klondike bluffs at EveryTrail

Klondike Bluffs on Vimeo

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