Colorado Utah Trip – Grand Junction and Fruita riding

We had a great ski season. 94 days, half of them touring, 90% in pow, I climbed 60,000m. April 14 ski season ended. It got warm and wet. The forcast wasn’t promising, it was too wet to even do trail work!

So we headed South! I contacted my friends and Sarah and David offered to host us for the weekend in Grand Junction! With temps of >85F/29oC it was a nice change!

Day 1 – A new trail in Fruita – Mack Ridge. Relentless and technical, it was a great first ride in the desert!

Day 2 – Lunch Loops Ride

Thanks To Sarah Mah Rarick for some of the photos.

Mack Ridge Trailhead

The Climb

Sarah on the Climb

David and Lee talking about 29r’s

Flowy part of the climb

Top of the Ridge and the Colorado River

Junction where you can go back to the Mack parking lot

Lee found a huck to play on

Crux move on the Ridge. Good find!

Lee in the crux

Back at the car enjoying some apres!

Sarah and David run Desert Rat Tours – if you need some local knowledge on where and even how to ride here give them a call!

Elevation profile. 370m climbing, 11km in a relaxing 3hours.

Mack Ridge – Fruita CO from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

My tracks are below. These trails are maintained by COPMOBA in cooperation with the BLM. Check it out!

Fruita – Mack Ridge at EveryTrail

Day 2 – Lunch Loops – Holy Cross and other stuff in between !

Saturday Gary drove down from Salt Lake City to take a break from his teaching responsibilities and hang out with us! He is off to Vancouver next weekend and our impromptu trip prevented us from meeting up there so he came down here! We kept it local and rode the Lunch Loops.

Trail Junction

Greg Mazu on one of the many side features on all these trails.

David Withers


Gary on his Salsa 29r


Sharon – this trail is tight!

Greg on a techy climbing bit

David on another line on the same techy climbing bit

Lots of rock work and route finding on Holy Cross!



Hanging after the ride

Colorado got some water with the Catcus Blooming!

Map of the Lunch Loops and more information can be found HERE.

They are currently raising funds to build more trails, so if you live here or visit here often support COPMOBA!

Elevation Profile, 345m Climbing, 10km in 2 hours.

Holy Cross and the Lunch Loops – Grand Junction, CO May 5 2012 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Map from Everytrail

Grand Junction – Lunch Loops at EveryTrail

New Trail in Fruita off 18 road – PBR

Trail Check: PBR – More Mountain Bike Videos


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